Our Approach

“Our Vision” is to create humanitarian projects that give back to the local communities and help the global economy teaching the power of unity as “ONE” which is needed to create a better lifestyle for all humans.

Our Story

After a visit to Lima, Peru in March of 2019, we have teamed up with the local Indigenous Inca people to create our company. With our grass roots in New Mexico and our company in Phoenix, Arizona. We are well aware of how uniquely united the Indigenous Nations work together to showcase the power of unity in business. Through the Indigenous groups in the Southwest, we plan to create collaborations to give back to the communities. Our New Mexico Zia symbol is featured on our logo to showcase our pride for New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment”. The Zia Sun Sign. The symbol originated with the Indians of Zia [pronounce it “tSEE-ah”] Pueblo (Indian village) in ancient times. The symbol has sacred meaning to the Zia. Four is a sacred number which symbolizes the Circle of Life: four winds, four seasons, four directions, and four sacred obligations.

Meet the Team


 President and Co-founder of Fuga Enery Drink, Aqwarena Worldwide and the Play 4 Gold Foundation, Miguel Angel is an entrepreneur with years of experience working for companies such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Kalil Bottling/RC Cola, Phelps Dodge, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., Chicago Cubs, and several companies under the US Army Corps of Engineers. Through his years of experience, he has gained knowledge in marketing, public relations, operations, and sales. Miguel Angel has great leadership skills and has worked with different cultures and many backgrounds. With his hands on experience, Miguel Angel gained the knowledge of the importance of the “SAFETY FIRST” mentality in any field of work, including off duty. Being fluent in Spanish, Miguel Angel was able to translate for Latin American players in the early 90’s playing for the Chicago Cubs minor league system and was also able to communicate with Spanish speaking employees while working with Border Foods, Diaz Farms and New Mexico Chile which was a beneficial learning experience in the food & agriculture industry. Through his hands on experience and network of business associates and friends, Miguel has friendships and contacts around the world. Miguel Angel a native of Deming, New Mexico currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona and lives by a very important principle “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, treat the janitor the same as you would treat the CEO of a company and always be grateful.


Major Doung Vuthy is an International Business Leader and Co-Founder of Worldwide Indigenous Nations Group. Mr. Vuthy has helped create several companies to work on humanitarian projects and help the global economy. His passion is making the world a better place through international business and helping the less fortunate. Mr. Vuthy and companies deal with green energy. telecommunications, farming and agriculture, oil and gas, tourism and real estate.

CHUOP PANNHA , a Global Business Leader stands at the forefront of Worldwide Indigenous Nations Group as Co-Founder and Business Development along with several American companies in partnership with global companies to bring green energy and new technologies to third world countries. Her continued success is based on a human principle “those who share abundance never lose it”. Mrs. Pannha believes we are here to help those who cannot help themselves.



MUNISH CHETAL is the strategist who provides the vision, strategic direction, road maps and execution methodology for the Innovative Solutions and Financial Structuring that can be used betterment of Organization Business Needs, sustainable solutions. With working experience of more than 25 years in the Multiple Industries across the Globe spending more than 10 Years in USA, 2-3 Years in Asia Pacific, he is well versed of different cultures and people. He has strong analytical skills, practical approach to getting started and take it to conclusion, in a friendly and direct manner, with solid communication and facilitation skills, accustomed to work in a highly complex and dynamic environment across countries and organizational borders. 

He has strong analytical skills, practical approach to getting started and take it to conclusion, in a friendly and direct manner, with solid communication and facilitation skills, accustomed to work in a highly complex and dynamic environment across countries and organizational borders. Learning through personal experience that Investments Finance are key components to Drive Run any Sustainable Business, developing successful products and solutions. As Innovative Catalyst and Technology Industry Veteran, he rides on the technology path, defines the product solutions using technology, innovation & sustenance engineering & financial structuring. 

Munish holds an MS degree from BITS Pilani and Bachelor of Engineering from India.

Additional Information:

He is Technology Industry Veteran with extensive executive level experience in Software Development with Hardware Integration for Mobile Technology & Convergence Products, Applications, Internet of Things (IOT) & Devices, FinTechSolutions, Data Science, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, Mobile Apps and brings to the table extensive management and product development experience in terms of Information Technology, Solar, Waste Management, and Atmospheric Water Generation.

As Innovative Catalyst he rides on the technology path, and defines the product solutions using technology, innovation & sustenance engineering & financial structuring. He has worked across various domains and areas having held senior positions both in start-up and multinational companies across the globe that includes, Green Transform, Kampac Group, Nokia, Microsoft, Adobe, Lasalle International, Visual Matrix USA, Teleca USA, Futuristic Solution, Winray Energy, SYSSTRA.• He is principally skilled in complex problem solving with the creativity to synthesize new solutions and expertise to design, develop, and implement a new generation of emerging technologies that are elegant, efficient, interconnected, and scalable Technical strengths• In-Depth expertise & experience in the Financial Structuring, with the capabilities to raise the funds for the organization on the Equity & Debt basis with its relationships.• He is known as a passionate leader with proven results in leading, growing and developing high-performance teams, developing great strategies and helping transform companies.• He has excellent, convincing, negotiation, influencing communication & interpersonal skills. 

Munish is passionate about developing end to end engineering solutions in Information Technology, Mobile and Internet of Things (IOT) convergence products, Waste Management, Environment and Alternative energy areas.  Having spent most of his career  travelling and residing across the globe he is self-motivated to find the best possible solutions for the Developing and Populous countries like India in the field of Information Technology, Alternate Energy, Water Conservation  and  Generation and making them energy independent by adopting state of art Waste to Energy, Solar, Wind Technologies. His Analytic, Financial Structuring, Research & Development, Business Development mind-sets and ability to communicate with people across globe has helped to find the innovative Solutions across various domains.

Munish wants to help to grow and sustain diversify but upcoming exponentially growing developing nations like African Nations (Ghana), India. Though globally nations are at the cusp of change, there is still a long way to go in improving the social economic status of people. There is enormous development (Technological, Social, Economical) needed any many fields globally that includes in the field of Technology Innovation & Development, Education, Waste Management, Alternate Energy (Solar), providing portable drinking water, Rural development (Agriculture), Healthcare and other areas. His vision is to provide sustainable solution that helps in creating the jobs, providing Technology Solutions, water and electricity to masses, increase production of agriculture by organic farming, waste management

Munish is in process of joining hands with the Government of India for the Nation Development Work, where with the latest innovative technologies in the field of Information Technology, Mobility Waste Management, Alternate Energy (Solar), Atmospheric Water Generation, and Agriculture, the long term sustainable Humanitarian and Good Earth Projects solutions can be implemented to improve the social and economic conditions of people. Following are the areas and technologies that he wants to concentrate on:-• Technology Solutions: – Technology has changed the world in the last two decades, but still there are innovations ongoing globally to provide the sustainable solutions & services in the field of Mobility, Internet of Things, FinTech Solutions, Technology Infrastructure, Data Science, Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing, Mobile App (iOS, Android…). Continuing providing these innovative Technology solutions financial sustainable by converging it with multiple business globally is key to success.• Atmospheric Water Generation: – There is only 2.5% of Fresh water and 70% of that is Frozen. Nearly 70% of the world’s populations reside and where the world’s most acute water crisis exists, by 2025 4 Billion people may be facing the Water Scarcity. With the Atmospheric Water Generation technology, we can produce healthy,purified drinking water from the “atmospheric air we breathe”. It completes nature’s distillation process, by capturing water vapor before it even touches the earth. It provides a localized source of pure water without any connection to pipes or catch basins. • Alternate Energy (Solar & Wind Power Generation):-Generating Alternate Energy by capturing the available Solar and Wind Resources, globally will reduce high dependence on imported fossil fuels for meeting its ever-growing energy demand. There is potential to capture solar and wind power capacity up to 100 GW or more by 2022.• Waste Management :- Waste and sewage management are expensive and technologically challenging areas of development, but ones that need urgent attention to improve the livelihood of people and the quality of the environment if people are still interested in breathing clean air and drinking clean water. More than that 150,000 MT of MSW was generated daily in the country that needed to be treated.• Agriculture: – Almost 68 per cent of the country is rural mainly sustaining on the Farming and agriculture. These communities in India are in desperate need of sustainable solutions that improve the quality of their produce without damaging the environment their work is dependent on. Farmers need innovative technologies that’ll help reduce India produce more with the Organic Farming, Reduced pollution levels, and better irrigation practices.

While concentrating, doing innovation, continuous development and working towards the above mentioned areas, will help in developing globally, improve the lifestyles of people on a global scale, reduce the Carbon Foot Print, and help the Nature and making our Earth a better place to live. 


Born in Deming, New Mexico, Mary Jo moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2013 to become an entrepreneur when she helped with the creation of her Fuga Energy Drink. She has a business degree with loan experience and managing experience. Having many years of commercial title examining experience, Mary Jo oversees the transfer of deeds and properties along with business acquisitions. Her financial background helps with the managing of funds in the USA. A former alumni of NMSU.

Next Steps…

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